Don’t Bomb Anyone

Don’t Bomb Anyone- Especially Not In My Name


Don’t Bomb Anyone- Especially Not In My Name! In the year that the Chilcot Report came out we have had lots of concerning revelations about the nature and basis the 2003 Iraq war was called, and all being funded by tax payers money, (so Kind of implicating all of us). Since December 2015- September 2016 the UK has also been taking military action bombing in Syria and continuing actions in Iraq, some of which is even recorded here on the ministry of defence web site

. …At time of writing there is a fragile ceasefire though its hard to tell what is actually going on, on the ground. However as Stop The War points out military action is also being taken in other countries such as Libya without being debated in parliament first In a year when we had such concerning revelations of the basis of war we are being called into should we not be being more reflective or calling the government and ministry of defense to account more often? Some people have been so upset by the war and what our government implicates us in on line that conscience on line has been campaigning for the right to conscientiously object with our tax money.

Good News; On 19th July an extraordinary bill was tabled in the UK parliament. The proposal, presented by Brentford and Isleworth MP Ruth Cadbury, seeks to allow citizens to divert the portion of their taxes that would ordinarily pay for military operations into a conflict prevention fund instead.

The bill passed its first reading, is backed by the Green’s Caroline Lucas, and will receive its second reading on 2 December. If it succeeds the UK will set a historic precedent as the first country to allow citizens “to get the world you pay for” – with a chance to pay for peace not war. Its worth watching this space and writing to your MP in support of this bill.