Mean and Unpleasant Land

Mean and Unpleasant Land


Guided by
18th Century
Way past
’84 we see
How true it is
We’re hiding out

Identity, Cards
Going down
For thoughtcrime
You and me
To peripheries
Compass it navigates
Deserted countries’
Fields yield
Un-harvested crops
Factory wall clocks
Displaced crowing cocks
Cuckoo spit the lyrics of time
I’ll rhyme with it
Chime with it
My heart tries to keep time with it

Industrial revolution
Mean and unpleasant land
Ruled by iron
Clock hands
Subvert Green-witches
Mean time, Allow more
Words than we should
In a lyricist’s line
Distill it down to a
Fine science or issue
Ourselves with
Creative license

In sync
With my interpretive metronome
The drone of machine
Built beats
On this
to generate
These repeats
Brand styles won’t clone us
Into mini
Me puppets
While beat
Stops the flow
Then we’re going to need to interrupt it
With rhythm of my heart
Is syncopated
Paradoxical style
Under yet over
Can be strengths

A vision of
New landscapes
Then reach out to clutch this
Can’t contain it in our hands
But maybe
Our finger tip edges
Brush this
Search for
Ancient Mayan treasure
The cities of gold
May not
Look so pretty
Dick Whittington’s dream
Could Livingstone or Boris
Shift the air of the city
sans guard (? -sans meaning without or misspelled stands?)
Pioneering architects
Break norms
Replace mechanical right angles
Embrace natural form
Marketing machinery
Became too aquatinted
Touched what I shouldn’t
Have now
Hands tainted
Remark on interlocking
The System won’t
Saint you
It will distract
Trip and
Berate you
It will berate, maim
And fate you
Pin my concerns
To economic cathedral doors
Like martin Luther
Dethrone economic sooth-
Global chess players
Interpreters take
A concept
And they redefine it
Take what’s
Written in the small
Print trade deals
And underline it
Take poorly constructed
Argument and
Undermine it
Hands of southern
So your contracts
They don’t sign it
In the details
Blot out forked tongue
And tail
Take the wind out
Out Of the
Wrong empire’s
Sail (?)
Chicago school
Of economics
Milton Friedman
Freed no man
All aboard this ship of fools
Modern day
The architects
Of these universal trade rules
Built on a history
Of theft
With more sophisticated
The assumptions
Of your graphs
Made me
Want to walk out
And vomit
Or take the space shuttle
Ship far away
With Wallace n grommet
Patriarchy’s dressed
In the wrong pin
Stripe trousers
Wipe the sleep
Off my eyes
So I can see through
Metaphorical browser
Uni- breaks into -verse
With anticipation
Calling forth
The levelling tribe
For emancipation
Routed global in the local
Being of this earth
Is no low call
We are of the
Levelling tribe
So we stand tall
Time to realign
Make a visual sign
Move to new space-time continuum
Seize the Carpe Diem
Returning England to the green and pleasant land
When the machine robot
Stops sabotaging other lands
With its ever extending
Optimums prime hands
Under the guise of supply meets demand
Transformers pirates in disguise
This robotic iron man
That blocks out
Our view of the skies
With every trade rule that’s revised
The landscape re-sculptured before our eyes
Spiritual light seep through bronze skies
Dancing side by side as
Spirit level realigns us
Heavy darkness
Lift clouds
What was shrouded
Dancing on old found
Levelled land
Spacious place
Spanning all around
Where spirits breath
Atmosphere sighs
Now the groaning, groaning, groaning
Of these isles is relieved…


If you see me around ask me for this poetry book mark… If i get organised one day it may be available on etsy shop….ooh….

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