Ode/Owed To The Banks

Ode/Owed To The Banks

Part of the campaign to take a stanza and write poems on heart shaped bunting…



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Background Info 

Loudspeka wrote a lot about the banks and the banking system as early as 2007-8 just as the financial ‘cataclysm’ was occurring she wrote this piece called en-wrong just that era was in motion:


She then had some level of personal experience when some friends in a small  NGO were  shafted by the Halifax, Lloyds TSB Bank of Scotland… Mega Bank..

This experience inspired some poems and further Ode/Owed the the director of this bank.. followed up the suggestion that everyone else should start Taking a Stanza.. and writing an Ode/Owed to change the whole way the economic system works and how money is created and controlled..