Split Infinity

split infinity

split infinity

I don’t want to act to maximise
My own utility
When you split the atom you split infinity
The solo transcends the disintegrated symphony
My co-depen-dance
Is in imperfect symmetry

I raise my kaleidoscope
To the land that lies before us
where the nation states tore us
The broken hearts of tribes are restores
The land of imagi-nation, it has no borders

Does it all sync up naturally
Or disintegrate it catastrophe
Someone show a map to me
I can’t plot my own anatomy
Well adjusted to a sick society
Is no measure of health
Who will rescue me
From this pit of stealth
I want to speak from the fire from which I felt
Until the Buddha belly
was squashed by the money belt

Media’s self fulfilling prophecy
Won’t make us suffer
We’ve stopped believing in the ‘crisis’
And started
Believing in each other
The love of community is our buffer
We are getting further than
The nuclear family that made us
Into parts then trades
Into instruments
Then the system played us

On the beach
Listening to the birds
Hearing what they teach
Caught in the breach
It’s not yet willing
To admit defeat
Though I need to retreat
To thumb my soul’s leak
So my energy does not deplete

Throwing caution to the wind
And we hear it agree
Stripping the cobwebs
Of complexity
Away from our tear drops
So we can see

Publishers welcome you with gold letters to your name
Then tell you books are not to provoke but entertain
Through crafted words ran an ink stain
What I have to give only a grain
Saw I had interesting thoughts
For my words
Offered me a penny
When I came to speak
Couldn’t think of any
So I gave it back
Then I had plenty
Funny how money
Can leave you feeling empty

Oppressive dictators
Overthrown above and below the equator
Only to be replaced by seven worse later
It’s the state apparatus their creators
Of the nation state itself we need to become debaters
Of the exhibition of positive alternatives
We become curators

I raise the collider-scope
Of infinite possibility
To the land that lays before us
Where the nation states tore us
Of broken hearts of tribes are restore us
But the imagi-nation has no borders

A hundred years before
The date Orwell foresaw
Minutes of the Berlin conference
We are all appalled
It’s 1884 and over Africa Bismarck scrawled
Berlin makes Walls
With tendency to fall
The heavens are getting heavy
They are starting to shake
The stones are restless
They are starting to quake
I stand beneath
The Washington monument
Watch it break
They evacuate
The empire state
Beneath symbols of empire
We meditators do concentrate
As the global commons
The occupiers do take
We are ripping up the systems red tape
On broken chains of injustice
We will dance and celebrate
We are asking now for a fresh start
A clean slate
The heart is the pallet
From which we paint
The land of the imagi-nation we long to create.